SPIRE Vision 2050

EU funding programmes
10 October 2018


The SPIRE Vision 2050 is close to being finalised. SPIRE together with experts in the field has developed the SPIRE 2050 Vision document, an ambitious document with the objective of driving the Process Industry forward towards a sustainable future and within the framework of Horizon Europe.


The extent and pace of technological transitions in our society over the next decades are pushing the limits of human knowledge and our ability to deploy innovation. In all these significant challenges, European process industries see innovation and business opportunities. SPIRE strongly affirms that it is time to embrace transitions and has formulated the position of Europe's process industries the SPIRE 2050 Vision to guide its work into the EU’s Horizon Europe programme and beyond.


A Stakeholder Workshop: Sustainable Process Industry Strategy Towards 2050 was organised on the 2nd of October 2018. This event gave the occasion to launch the SPIRE 2050 Vision document and provide SPIRE stakeholders with the opportunity to review and validate the vision document. The purpose of the workshop had for objective to also establish collaborative agreements with Member States and other contractual public-private partnerships, as well as give a momentum to the development of the SPIRE 2050 Roadmap. The European Commission endorsed this Vision document stating that it was a document genuinely driven by the desire to save our planet.