Nine sectors, one voice

Cerame-Unie unites nine sectors of the European ceramic industry from tableware and tiles to bricks and refractories.


The European ceramic industry covers a wide array of applications, ranging from construction and consumer goods to industrial applications and high-tech innovations.

Facts & Figures

Did you know that the average lifespan of a brick house is 150 years? Or that up to 30% of production costs are related to energy? Get to know the ceramic industry better by discovering some facts and figures.

Latest Updates

14 June 2018

Cerame-Unie infographic video


Cerame-Unie is very happy to present our infographic animated video on the European ceramics industry. The video introduces to audiences the multitude of applications and uses for ceramic products in our everyday lives, as consumers and as industry.
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Trade defence
8 June 2018

Meeting the global challenge: a modern trade defence system


Cerame-Unie welcomes the adoption of the modernisation of the EU's trade defence instruments. A robust trade defence system should ensure that free trade remains fair trade.
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31 May 2018

Cerame-Unie has updated its privacy policy


In line with the latest entry into force of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, Cerame-Unie has updated its privacy policy.
Circular economy
22 May 2018

European Parliament approves Revised Waste Framework Directive


On Wednesday 18 April 2018, the European Parliament adopted four legislative proposals of the revised Waste Framework Directive. The package sets out EU waste management targets for the period until 2035.
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Sustainable buildings
15 May 2018

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive adopted


After approval by the European Parliament, the European Council adopted the revised Energy Performance in Buildings Directive, completing the final stage in the legislative procedure.
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Annual Report 2015


Ceramic Industry Manifesto 2014-2019
Published on the occasion of the European elections in 2014, the Manifesto highlights the ceramic industry's 10 key policy recommendations for the 7th legislative term.
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The many faces of ceramics
Applications of ceramics range from construction and housing and consumer goods to high-tech and innovation and industrial applications.
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News & Publications
Stay up-to-date on all of Cerame-Unie's activities by browsing through news articles, press releases, position papers and other publications.
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Research & Innovation
Research and innovation is essential to keep European industry at the forefront globally. Breakthrough technologies can deliver resource and energy efficiency, contributing to the European targets and objectives set in these areas.
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Trade & Internal Market
With around one third of production related to exports outside the EU and a positive trade balance close to €5 billion, the European ceramic industry is an export champion.
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Climate & Energy
The EU ETS covers over 1,200 ceramic installations, i.e. 10% of the total number of installations, but only 1% of emissions. The ceramic industry is energy-intensive, with energy accounting for up to 30% of total production costs.
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