Ceramic industry participates in the European Commission study on energy prices and costs

8 March 2018


For the third consecutive time, the bricks and roofs tiles and wall and floor tiles sectors are participating in the European Commission's (EC) Energy Prices and Costs Study. The bottom-up case study, launched by the EC, is of critical importance for the ceramic sectors due to the high energy intensity of the sector and the global disadvantage caused by European energy prices.


A Stakeholder Workshop on Energy Prices and Costs in the EU took place on 8 March 2018 in Brussels. It was organised by the European Commission (DG ENER) and received representatives from the industry, NGOs, and business associations. Four consecutive sessions examined the on-going energy price studies, which will investigate the impact of the energy costs on the competitiveness of the European industry, in particular of the energy intensive sectors.


Publication of the final 2018 report on the EU energy prices and costs is expected at the end of the year together with the State of Energy Union Report.


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