Call from the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries to safeguard the competitiveness dimension of the Energy Union

14 November 2017

Position paper

Competitiveness, together with research and innovation, is one of the five dimensions of the Energy Union. Today, Energy Intensive Industries are calling for attention from decision makers on this particular dimension, especially in the context of the Clean Energy Package. It is important that the impact of the 2030 Climate and Energy framework and new policies under adoption on the competitiveness of Energy Intensive Industries is adequately considered both in terms of: 


  • New opportunities – Our sectors provide low-carbon solutions e.g. in the field of renewable energy, energy performance of buildings, transport, CCU etc. The transition to a low-carbon economy therefore offers new market opportunities: our efforts and the investments towards this path should be encouraged by EU regulation; 
  • Challenges – Energy is our lifeblood. Industry consumes 25% of EU28 final energy. In order to compete on a global scale, we need access to affordable and reliable energy. On the contrary, if EU industry is placed on unequal footing and weakened vis-à-vis international competitors, investments in smart, innovative and sustainable industries will not materialize in Europe.


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