Decision adopted on carbon leakage list 2015-2019

Emissions Trading System
27 October 2014


On 27 October 2014 the European Commission adopted the Decision determining the list of sectors exposed to significant risk of carbon leakage under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) for the period 2015-2019. All sectors represented by Cerame-Unie were included in the list on the basis of either a quantitative or qualitative assessment. Consequently, the preliminary free allocation for these sectors will start at 100% of the benchmark level, but the cross sectoral reduction factor will be applied every year.


In parallel, the European Commission conducted an online stakeholder consultation on post-2020 carbon leakage provisions. As indicated in the analysis of results, around 80 replies were submitted on behalf of the ceramic industry, which was the sector with the highest number of respondents. All replies were in line with the document submitted by Cerame-Unie.