Ceramic industry position the EU ETS review

Emissions Trading System
8 November 2021

Position paper

On 14 July 2021 the European Commission (EC) presented its legislative Proposal for the revision of the EU ETS Directive, which is one of the main elements of the “Fit for 55” package. Its key aim is to increase the ambition of the EU ETS scheme and to align it with the overall increase of the 55% reduction target of GHG emissions by 2030.


Cerame-Unie submitted its reply to the public consultations on this proposal. In the reply the following key ceramic messages are highlighted:


1. Skyrocketing carbon costs must be avoided
2. Carbon leakage provisions shall be strengthened
3. Conditionality on energy audits must be removed
4. Small installations “opt out” measures must be broadened
5. EU ETS Innovation Fund must be increased but not at the expense of the free allowances pot
6. Modernisation Fund shall include broader range of projects
7. EU ETS costs for transport, both maritime and road, must be assessed
8. Treatment of the CCS and CCU must be equal
9. Decarbonisation ambitions by 2050 need stable legal framework
10. Consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic must be taken into account when assigning allocations for the period 2026-2030.


Please consult the link below for the full reply to the public consultation:


Ceramic industry position the eu ets review