Implementation of anti-dumping duties

Trade defence
1 July 2015


Cerame-Unie closely monitors the level of implementation of anti-dumping duties on ceramic tableware and tiles.


Cerame-Unie continued to collect feedback from its tableware members throughout the first half of 2016, marking the third year of anti-dumping duties. Further to the court challenges to the anti-dumping tableware case brought by the company Photo USA, the appeal was dismissed and the Court confirmed the validity of anti-dumping measures on tableware

Wall and floor tiles

While the two appeals filed directly to the European Court of Justice were rejected in 2014, two cases forwarded by the German and Swedish judges to the Court of Justice in Luxembourg are still pending. On 21 May Advocate General Sharpston made public his opinion on cases Fliesen-Zentrum v. Hauptzollamt Regensburg (C-687/13) and Bricmate AB v Tullverket (C-569/13)The Advocate General carried out a very thorough analysis of the pleas made at national level by Fliesen-Zentrum and Bricmate and concluded in both cases that the Court of Justice should answer that the Council Regulation imposing anti-dumping duties on ceramic tiles cannot be invalidated on the grounds raised in the two requests for preliminary ruling. The final decision by the Court is expected later in the year.