EU-Canada trade deal celebrates 2nd Anniversary

International Trade Negotiations
23 September 2019



21 September 2019 marked already the second year of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). With annual trade valued at nearly 100 billion Euros, the EU and Canada are key trading partners. CETA is set to further expand this strong partnership. The CETA Market Access Programme has been set up for EU business to inform companies, especially SMEs, about the new opportunities that CETA brings. This programme also promotes the benefits of CETA, through a series of videos highlighting case studies and success stories of how companies across the EU are taking advantage of the comprehensive trade deal with Canada. It also creates channels of communication between EU business and institutional stakeholders through direct engagement and participation at trade events, both in the EU and in Canada. For more information, please visit the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN)'s website