Industry4Europe - Joint Paper on Setting Indicators

Industrial policy
29 March 2018


130 European industrial associations have today signed and published the Industry4Europe Joint Paper on Setting Indicators for an ambitious EU industrial strategy.


The Joint Paper proposes a list of indicators with which to assess and monitor progress towards the implementation of an EU industrial strategy.


The selection and use of indicators is a critical tool, designed to both highlight success points and reveal weaknesses that require remedial action through a revised strategy. The use of a single indicator has limited value and responsible interpretation should come from indicators used in combination.


Indicators are able to assess the growth of the EU circular economy, creating products that can lead market developments internationally and maintain the EU’s reputation for sustainable innovation. The list of indicators proposed by Industry4Europe reflects the long term, multi-pillared priorities of the European Union and role of industry in achieving those priorities.


Europe has clearly stated priorities for the 2015-19 period, which will evolve and mature towards 2030. These include:


  • Jobs, growth and investment
  • Energy union and climate
  • Deeper and fairer internal market
  • Balanced and progressive trade policy to harness globalisation


Accordingly, the Industry4Europe Joint Paper on Setting Indicators proposes two categories of indicators. The first category, Headline Indicators, refers to indicators that should be employed in a holistic assessment of the Europe's overall industrial performance. The second category, indicators linked to a specific policy pillar, refers to indicators that should be employed in a specific assessment of components of an industrial policy.


Headline Indicators


  • Employment
  • Contribution to GDP
  • Industrial productivity
  • Investment in EU industry and within industry


Indicators linked to a specific policy pillar


In its Joint Reaction Paper For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: Going further published in October 2017, the Industry4Europe coalition identifies key policy recommendations based around 6 key thematic pillars which are the cornerstone of an impactful EU industrial strategy:


  • Business-friendly environment & governance
  • Skills & training
  • Research & Innovation
  • Access to finance
  • Internal market
  • Trade & international market access