REACH Authorisation Annex XIV - process ongoing

26 January 2016


Refractory Ceramic Fibres, Borates and Coal tar pitch, high temperature are listed in the 5th and 6th ECHA recommendations for substances to be included in the REACH Authorisation list (Annex XIV). The REACH Committee meeting on 21-22 October 2015 launched the discussions on their possible inclusion in the Annex XIV.


As these substances are of utmost importance to ceramic industries and their downstream users, Cerame-Unie maintains that there are socio-economic implications related to a possible inclusion. As a member of the Cross-Industry Initiative (CII), CU supports the proposal to consider workplace legislation as an alternative to REACH Authorisation. Kai Sebastien Melzer, Regulatory Affairs Manager at the Nickel Institute, spoke on this subject at the CU General Assembly on 1 December 2015.


The process is still ongoing but the REACH Committee should come to a decision in the first half of 2016.