Possible harmonized classification of TiO2

1 September 2016


On 31 May, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) has submitted a proposal to ECHA for a harmonised classification of Titanium Dioxide (Ti02), as a category 1B Carcinogen with the accompanying Hazard Statement: H350i: May cause cancer by inhalation. The proposed scope for the CLP Annex VI entry is: “Titanium dioxide in all phases and phase combinations; particles in all sizes/morphologies”. Cerame-Unie took part in the public consultation over summer and has collecting further information from its members on the socio-economic consequences of such classification. All ceramic sectors would be impacted by the proposed classification as TiO2 is used in many pigments and frits as a whitening agent or even for its photocatalytic properties. In addition, TiO2 occurs as an impurity in many industrial raw materials. A decision on the classification is expected within the next 18 months.