MEP Belder visits Dutch brick plant

4 March 2016


On 4 March, MEP Bas Belder (Netherlands, ECR) met the Royal Dutch Association for Building Ceramics (KNB) and visited brick manufacturer Rodruza De Zandberg in Gendt. The Director of Rodruza Ivo Würzner, KNB Chair Dick Tommel and KNB Director Ewald van Hal extended a warm welcome to MEP Belder and his assistants.



In addition to a tour of the plant, the visit provided an opportunity to discuss crucial issues for the Dutch brick industry. MEP Belder acknowledged the importance of a level playing field, particularly in relation to China’s Market Economy Status, which the EU is currently debating granting at the end of 2016. However, as China does not meet the criteria to be considered a market economy, granting it prematurely poses a significant threat to European industry.


Other relevant topics addressed at the meeting were the post-2020 EU Emissions Trading Scheme review, the fitness check on Natura 2000 and the Directive on Dangerous Substances.