Cerame-Unie Manifesto 2019-24

4 December 2018


Cerame-Unie presents our Manifesto for the next EU mandate from 2019-2024. In this document, we call on candidates for the European election in 2019 and on sitting MEPs to act on specific key areas in support of this indispensable industry.


Cerame-Unie has identified 12 key policy topics affecting the European ceramics industry. In our Manifesto we present policy recommendations to be taken on these issues by EU decisionmakers.


Our headline recommendations are:


  1. Competitiveness & Growth: Promote an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy;
  2. Skills: Equip workers with the skills of the future;
  3. Climate: Incentivise decarbonisation whilst preserving the global level-playing field;
  4. Energy: Secure access to energy markets, particularly to natural gas;
  5. Sustainability: Safeguard sustainable competitiveness;
  6. Circular Products: Invest in industry and new markets for secondary material;
  7. Offensive interests: Promote free trade;
  8. Defensive interests: Promote fair trade;
  9. Market surveillance: Enforce the law;
  10. Food Contact Materials: Effectively protect consumers;
  11. FP9- Horizon Europe: Develop partnerships with process industries;
  12. Digitalisation: Empower the industry of the future.





The European Ceramics Industry

✔ 600,000 direct and indirect jobs

✔ €31bn production value

✔ 80% SMEs

✔ Trade champion: €4.6bn exports

✔ Durable products - 150 years in some cases

✔ Inert, natural, and abundant material.