Socio-economic implications of RCF inclusion on REACH Annex XIV

27 November 2014

Position paper

Fifteen European industry associations signed a joint document highlighting the socio-economic implications of a potential inclusion of Al (Zr) Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF) on the REACH Annex XIV (authorisation) list.


According to REACH Article 55, the objectives of the authorisation process are twofold: to properly control risk (health and environment) while maintaining a well-functioning internal market. This should primarily be achieved via the substitution of substances of very high concern with safer alternatives – provided these are technically and economically suitable. In this position paper we discuss the potential impact of the inclusion of Refractory Ceramic Fibres (Al-Si-RCF and Zr-Al-Si-RCF) – often also referred to as Alumino-Silicate Wools (ASW) – on Annex XIV, with a focus on potential socio-economic implications.


The European Commission is currently considering the most appropriate way to deal with substances that have only an industrial exposure. A decision on how to proceed will be taken in the course of 2015.