Better regulation in chemicals management

18 March 2015

Position paper

The Cross Industry Initiative (CII), of which Cerame-Unie is a member, prepared a position paper asking the European Commission for better regulation in chemicals management. In particular, it focuses on the fact that for certain uses of substances the exposure is limited to the workplace and hence workplace legislation – including binding occupational exposure limits (BOELs) – is better suited to regulate these substances instead of the REACH authorisation process.


Establishing the right regulatory environment and promoting a favourable climate for entrepreneurship is certainly a matter of priority for businesses, both for major companies and for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 44 industry associations are very supportive of the Better Regulation policy in general and the REFIT exercise in particular, which ensure that the principle of proportionality, which is at the heart of the Commission’s work, is respected.


To contribute to this policy drive, a joint position paper makes suggestions for regulatory fitness, introducing greater efficiency and proportionality in the field of chemicals management. This would contribute to maintaining the competitiveness of European businesses in a wide range of strategic sectors while fully meeting health and safety objectives.


The European Commission is currently considering the matter and is expected to come to a decision by the end of the year.