Statement on the clean energy for all Europeans package

Emissions Trading Scheme
23 May 2017


We, the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries representing more than 30,000 companies that are Europe’s largest energy consumers and together, directly employ more than 2.8 Million people, want to make a success of the Energy Union. We see it as a potential enabler of European industry’s competitiveness and a unique opportunity to deliver on Europe’s ambitious transition to a low-carbon energy system. Energy Intensive Industries make a series of recommendations to reach this ambition in an effective, secure and cost-conscious way that delivers value for investment to European economic contributors such as industry.The Alliance would welcome a new energy
framework that:


  • Enables innovation in industry sectors that develop products and technologies
  • Puts the global competitiveness dimension high
  • Secures industry’s access to competitive, reliable, and sustainable energy
  • Avoids costly and unnecessary overlapping legislation
  • Clearly differentiates energy efficiency and reductions in industrial activity
  • Integrates renewable energy sources in a cost-efficient manner 


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