The European Commission presents the Green Deal

Climate Change
12 December 2019


On 11 December, in front of the European Parliament plenary, the President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen, accompanied by the First Vice-President and relative Commissioner for Climate Action, Frans Timmermans, unveiled the promised EU Green Deal.


Following the European Parliament vote on the climate emergency, the President Von Der Leyen has reiterated the intention to reach the climate neutrality by 2050.


The plan is ambitious and includes action in many fields, including extending the Emission Trading Scheme to new fields and developing a new Circular Economy Package (with a focus on the building sector this time).


Besides, the scheme includes a considerable amount of green investments amounting to 1 trillion of euros till 2030, and everything is supposed to be enshrined in the first Climate Law by March 2020.


Another element of the Green Deal is the implementation of the carbon border adjustment mechanism, which shall be fully WTO compatible. ‘Just Transitional Fund’ is another tool proposed to favour the green transition in the EU areas which could be left behind during the decarbonisation of the economy.


Now that the plan has been presented, it will be necessary to see its implementation over the years and assess it accordingly.