European Ceramic Days 2018

4 December 2018 09:00 - 5 December 2018 17:00


Brussels, Belgium

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The European Ceramic Days is an annual event that brings together high-level representatives of the European ceramics industry with officials and policymakers from national and EU authorities.


The theme of this year's event is the ceramic industry as an agent of positive change in changing times. From manufacturing reliable, high-quality consumer products to providing innovative pathways to climate action, the European ceramics industry contributes immeasurably to a prosperous and sustainable future for all Europeans, evolving and innovating with changing times. Consult our programme* below for more details.


European Ceramic Days 2017




19th annual EPCF

The European Parliament Ceramics Forum (EPCF) will also meet on Tuesday, 4 December, for their 19th annual meeting. Hosted in the European Parliament by EPCF Chair Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero MEP, the EPCF brings together Europe’s most influential parliamentarians and policymakers with representatives from the industry to exchange on the most salient topics affecting both the industry and wider Europe.



Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero MEP

EPCF Chair



Jerzy Buzek MEP

Delivering an ambitious industrial strategy


Research & InnovationCeramics on the new Horizon

  •  Dan Nica MEP, European Parliament

 Climate | Future climate strategy for the mid-century

  • Beatriz Yordi, Director (Dir-B), DG CLIMA, European Commission

 TradeTrading ceramics in a turbulent world

  • Sandra Gallina, Deputy Director, DG TRADE, European Commission

 All speeches will be followed by a Q&A session with MEPs and representatives from industry.


Cerame-Unie COcktail

The main event this year is the Cerame-Unie Cocktail. Hosted at the European Parliament, the event will bring together high-level executives from "champions" of the European ceramic industry, from SMEs to global enterprises, to showcase the industry as an agent of positive change, adding value and improving lives. The Cerame-Unie Cocktail event - Ceramic Champions in Changing Times - will begin with a foreseen keynote speech from EP President Antonio Tajani, followed by the handover of the Cerame-Unie Manifesto 2019-24 to the Austrian Presidency and a networking cocktail thereafter.



President Antonio Tajani

President of the European Parliament 


Cerame-Unie manifesto handover

Alain Delcourt

President of Cerame-Unie


In the context of upcoming European elections, Cerame-Unie will handover its manifesto for 2019-2024 to the Austrian Presidency of the EU. The Cerame-Unie Manifesto sets out the industry's top priorities for this period going forward and proposes various policy avenues.


Networking cocktail

The Cerame-Unie cocktail brings together policymakers and executives from the industry to exchange on the issues that matter most to ceramics and to Europe. This year, champions of the ceramic industry, from SMEs to global enterprises, have come to Brussels to share their message of an industry that adds value and improves lives; contributing immeasurably to citizens' well-being and ensuring a sustainable future for all.



Cerame-Unie General Assembly

Throughout the European Ceramic Days 2018, Cerame-Unie's members are in town to take stock of activities in sectoral meetings, establish objectives for the upcoming year at the Cerame-Unie General Assembly, and to exchange with EU officials at the EPCF and the Cerame-Unie cocktail.



Trade union panel debate

After the CU General Assembly, we will delve into the pressing issues that will face MEPs and officials entering the new institutional mandate 2019-2024. In this panel debate we will explore the synergies between industry and trade unions on some of the biggest issues facing business and workers alike in the context of upcoming European elections.


If you wish to register your participation, please contact us at events[at]


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*programme is preliminary and subject to change